Two Minutes to Midnight


Medium: mixed media (acrylic paint, ink, tar, wood, plexiglass, aluminum, paper)

As an adult, I am still perplexed by the wrongdoings in our society while the lack of justice and apathy puzzle me. Disappointed with the consequences of human activity and social inaction, I strive to express emotions of anger and frustration. Through my art I point the finger at the culprits of our social struggle as I believe it’s important for the viewer not to sanctify them, or fall into apathy.  My work highlights the similarities and differences between members of the same society. Adopting themes such as homelessness, mass immigration, the Church, religion, and the environment, I aim for the viewer to empathize with the main subject or contemplate the consequences of their apathy and inaction. Simultaneously I often feel the need to escape the tornado of heavy themes. Using photography, illustration and wall installations, I create art that celebrates the positive side of life; animals, nature, people, places.


Alex is a Greek-Italian artist born and based in Athens & Santorini, Greece. In 2010 he moved to London, UK, where he attended a Foundation course at the KCC (Kensington & Chelsea College), and later he graduated with a BA degree in Fine Arts from the University of East London (UEL). During his academic years he experimented with different art forms such as installation, illustration and animation. In 2012, he participated in the group exhibition “Previously…” in London. In 2016 he moved to Santorini to manage MATI Art Gallery. Between 2016 and 2019 he created a series of illustrations that he exhibited and sold in MATI Art Gallery. Since 2019 he has been working on new collections that can be described as wall installations, where he combines mixed media and layered plexiglass illustrations. In 2020 the art magazine “NOMAS” published his installations, based on the theme of “Time”.



Two Minutes to Midnight

Ritual of the Mind


Zero Tolerance

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