Feature your artwork in Your Voice Gallery

We are opening the gallery of our website to all of you! Regardless whether you are a DIEM25 member or not, we would love to hear from you and to see your artworks featured on our gallery.

Introducing META, Centre for postcapitalism civilisation: An animation by Yokanima

DiEM Voice is now partnering with mέta, Centre for postcapitalism civilisation, a new progressive, international art & research centre based in Athens that was launched in May 2021.

Help us uncover the impact of the climate crisis in your area!

Send us photos and videos of climate issues that you are facing in your local area and be part of DiEM25’s Activist Circle on November 6!

Why are you so afraid of Julian Assange?

DiEM25 Advisory Panel member Julian Assange has been deprived of his freedom – freedom of life, freedom of speech, freedom of the press – for almost 10 years. It is urgent to continue to fight for Julian Assange and for all whistleblowers who are deprived of their freedoms and rights in so-called democratic states.


DiEM25 Voice campaign: Raise your voice for Assange!

DiEM Voice is committed to raising awareness to put an end to the injustices committed all over the world against whistleblowers and artists who are being imprisoned, deprived of their human rights and their freedom of expression.

DiEM25 Voice TV

DiEM Voice has its own programme on DiEM TV! Our episodes focus on bringing together politically engaged artists, cultural workers and creatives alike to discuss significant political issues and how our guests combine art and politics in their work. Tune in to DiEM Voice TV to discover more.

Tell us your Story!

Tell us your story! is a new initiative by DiEM Voice and the Green New Deal for Europe campaign. We invite you to participate by telling us your story in a short video! Many of us are facing issues with jobs, housing and health care. We would like to hear how does this impact on your daily life? What problems are you currently facing? 


People’s Gatherings on culture

DiEM Voice is hosting People’s Gatherings on culture specific issues. People’s Gatherings is DiEM25’s citizen engagement project, offering all DiEMers the opportunity to organise and participate in local meetings to discuss the future of the politics in your community, region, and country.


Artivism is the term coined for artists who seek to make social and political change through their work. DiEM Voice aims to propagate artivist practises through the development of workshops, events and campaigns for politically conscious artists to take part in.

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