Why are you so afraid of Julian Assange?

July 6, 2021

To mark the 50th birthday of Julian Assange, and to support all those who, like him, have had their lives compromised for defending the truth, DiEM25 members have taken to the streets in front of UK and U.S embassies in several European cities.

DiEMers from across Europe protested with masks, held artworks from the “Raise your Voice for Assange” exhibition in their hands, and by standing on chairs, a replica of DiEM25 member Davide Dormino’s #Anythingtosay project (learn more about it here).

The protests marked the day that gave birth to the man who radically changed the way of thinking about citizens’ right to information in our democracies and the duty to bring to court, not whistleblowers, but those who commit the real crimes against humanity.

In addition to these protests, DiEM Voice, DiEM25’s cultural and artistic platform, prepared a special event on Voice TV, that took place on July 5, featuring artists Angela Richter and Davide Dormino, with moderation by Maja Pelević.

Check our protest actions gallery here.

List of DiEM25 protests in Europe:

Credits: Aidan Clark (Raise your voice for Assange Campaign)

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