DiEM Voice TV: Maja Pelević in conversation with Bassel Abou Fakher

November 17, 2021

Linear minds Bassel and Maja will be talking about his life and art after he fled the war in Syria in 2015. and started living in Brussels. They will discuss his view on the migrant crisis and how Europe in his opinion dealt with it and how through music he is looking ahead with a linear…
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Arts & Culture DSC Meeting

October 18, 2021

We welcome you to join the Arts & Culture DSC meeting on Thursday, November 4 at 6 PM CET. This is the space where DiEM25 members interested in discussing arts & culture policy-related topics meet.

Freedom for Assange demonstration march

October 15, 2021

As part of our ongoing campaign “Raise your voice for Assange” we are calling on DiEM25 local groups (DSCs) in London and across Europe to take the streets on October 23 and march in defense of DiEM25’s Advisory Panel member Julian Assange! In London the demonstration march will take place from 2PM CET at BBC…
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DiEM Voice TV: Maja Pelević in conversation with Issa Touma

October 14, 2021

Greetings from Aleppo DiEM Voice is delighted to welcome Issa Touma- Syrian photographer, curator and documentary maker onto Octobers episode of DiEM Voice TV. Issa and Maja will talk about a fight for freedom that turned into a fight for repressing freedom. Looking into the unknown future through a camera lens they will try to discover…
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Activist Circle Open Call

October 1, 2021

Prior to Cop Off, DiEM25’s alternative climate conference, DiEM25 is planning a Pan-European action to take the Green New Deal for Europe out onto the streets on the Global Day of Action on November 6. We are calling on you to join forces with the rest of DiEM25 to help us raise awareness about our…
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DiEM 25 Design Task Force Meeting

August 31, 2021

DiEM Voice would like to invite you to join the DiEM25 Design Task Force Meeting on Monday 20 September at 7PM CET. We will discuss how the task force will work from now on and answer any questions you might have regarding the task force. After finding volunteers that work in design and video, we…
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Coordinating Collective Meeting Live on YouTube on arts & politics

July 20, 2021

DiEM25 Coordinating Collective will dedicate this week’s livestreamed Coordinating Meeting to tell you about DiEM Voice and discuss how art can be used to advance political goals and bring about change. Join us and our Coordinating Collective, this Thursday evening July 22. The meeting will be livestreamed on our YouTube channel, and you can participate…
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Protest Action: Why are you so afraid of Julian Assange?

June 29, 2021

Celebrate Julian Assange’s 50th birthday on the streets of a European city close to you!  DiEM25 Advisory Panel member Julian Assange has been deprived of his freedom – freedom of life, freedom of speech, freedom of the press – for almost 10 years. It is urgent to continue to fight for Julian Assange and for…
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DiEM Voice Special: Why are you so afraid of Julian Assange?

June 23, 2021

To coincide with Julian Assange’s birthday, and as part of the Raise your Voice for Assange artwork campaign, DiEM Voice is organising a very special DiEM TV episode!  This exclusive episode will feature artists such as Davide Dormino and Angela Richter, who have been fighting over the years for Assange’s freedom, and for the future of the free press….
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DiEM Voice TV: Maja Pelević in conversation with Hito Steyerl

June 16, 2021

DiEM Voice TV: “Is this the Future?” In this episode of DiEM Voice TV, Maja Pelević and Hito Steyerl will talk about the world we live in today considering the new technologies and the change in power structures. They will also discuss the consequences of globalisation, whether we’re we on the verge of economic collapse,…
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DiEM 25 Design Task Force Onboarding call

June 9, 2021

DiEM Voice is initiating the DiEM25 Design Task Force and would like to invite all members interested in working on this team to join us on our onboarding call Wednesday 16th June, 7pm CEST. The term design broadly covering the visual needs of DiEM25, be that; photography, videography, graphic design, producing, editing etc. If you…
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Davide Dormino inaugurates Anything to say? in Geneva

May 31, 2021

The private art project ‘Anything to Say?’ by the sculptor and DiEM25 member Davide Dormino will be officially inaugurated on Saturday, June 5, at 11 AM (CET) at the Pâquis pier, Quai Wilson, in front of the Geneva Jet d’eau. Eminent personalities will take part in the inauguration, such as Nils Melzer, Frédérique Perler, Stella…
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DiEM Voice Coordination Call

May 2, 2021

DiEM Voice invites you to take part on our next Coordination call, where we will tell you about DiEM Voice future plans of  and invite you to share your ideas for creative projects and actions. If you are not a member of DiEM25 and would like to participate in DiEM Voice, please join us here. Thank you…
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DiEM Voice TV: Maja Pelević in conversation with Francesca Martinez

April 19, 2021

DiEM Voice TV: What the **** is Normal?! In this episode of DiEM Voice TV Maja and Francesca  About DiEMTV: Switch on the television from the future! We call it TV because we like retro-futurism. But it’s much more than TV. In times of global pandemics, DiEM TV is special online and completely free series…
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People’s Gatherings x DiEM Voice: Arts and Culture after COVID-19 in Portugal

March 30, 2021

DiEM25’s citizen engagement project, People’s Gatherings, launched a few months ago and, as we speak, people are coming together in their local area to talk about topics that matter and build together DiEM25’s national programmes.  The current pandemic has undeniably hit the cultural sector hard. DiEM25’s arts and culture platform, DiEM25 Voice, will be taking…
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DiEM Voice TV: Maja Pelević in conversation with Danae Stratou

March 29, 2021

DiEM Voice TV: Upon the Earth Under the Clouds  In this episode of DiEM Voice TV Maja and Danae will talk about how art can reflect and/or subvert the current environmental and economic crises and whether, in the end, it will survive or transform the new reality we are going to live in. The conversation…
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DiEM Voice TV: Maja Pelević in conversation with Milan Marković Matthis

February 1, 2021

In the first episode of DiEM Voice TV, Milan and Maja will be talking about their project “They live” when they became members of seven leading political parties in Serbia, how that changed their perspective on parliamentary democracy and how they look at it almost ten years later. They will also look at the role…
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DiEM Voice Auction: Artists for DiEM25

January 30, 2019

©Sam McGuire_Push With Pride DiEM Voice organised the auction “Artists for DiEM25”, in partnership with paddle8, raising funds for DiEM25’s historic campaign to bring democracy and humanity back to Europe. This auction supported DiEM25’s transnational campaign, featuring works by a wide range of international artists who share the vision of a democratic Europe. Click here…
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Here and Now: A Creative vision for Europe

October 10, 2018

“Here and Now: A Creative Vision for Europe” brought Brian Eno, Srećko Horvat, Danae Stratou, Bobby Gillespie, Rosemary Bechler and Yanis Varoufakis together at the Platform Theatre of Central Saint Martins, to consider and discuss the role of culture in the fight for the future of Europe. With a range of performance, presentation, and discussion, the event invited citizens to hear…
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March 26, 2017

New Unions is an artistic and political campaign that departs from the current political, economic, humanitarian, and environmental crisis of Europe with the aim of assembling representatives of transdemocratic movements and organizations to propose scenarios for new future unions. The ongoing collaboration between Jonas Staal and the Democracy in Europe Movement 2025 (DiEM25), initiated by…
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DiEM Voice Public Engagement Project

March 25, 2017

The DiEM Voice public engagement project was launched at The Time Of Courage event in Rome, which marked the launch of the DiEM25’s European New Deal. The initiative follows the events of DiEM25 movement. We reach out to participants and ask them to send their thoughts in relation to the topics discussed, as well as any…
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