Freedom for Assange demonstration march

As part of our ongoing campaign “Raise your voice for Assange” we are calling on DiEM25 local groups (DSCs) in London and across Europe to take the streets on October 23 and march in defense of DiEM25’s Advisory Panel member Julian Assange!

In London the demonstration march will take place from 2PM CET at BBC Broadcasting House, Portland Place and will head to the High Court (Little George St, London). This demonstration happens the day after the Belmarsh Tribunal has taken place, an initiative developed  by the Progressive International with the support of DiEM25. (Read more

What to do

1. Print out masks in your language, the masks can also be used to hand out as flyers to the public. We recommend printing on DiN A4 200g paper double-sided. 

English: Download here
French: Download here
German: Download here
Italian: Download here
Portuguese: Download here
Spanish: Download here
Greek: Download here

2.  Mobilise people in your DSC/ your local area and take your DiEM25 banner (if you have one) out to the centre of your town or city.

3. Action Wear your masks and stand in solidarity, demanding the release of Julian Assange! Make sure to distribute the masks as flyers to passers-by, to spread the word of DiEM25 and our fight for Assange.

4. Document Make sure to take photographs and videos and post them on your DSC social media using #DiEM25, #DiEM25forAssange and #raiseyourvoiceforassange. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at: voice@diem25.org

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