Introducing META, Centre for postcapitalist civilisation: An animation by Yokanima

October 20, 2021

DiEM Voice is now partnering with mέta, Centre for postcapitalist civilisation. mέta is a new progressive, international art & research centre based in Athens that was launched in May 2021. Through art and research, argument and poetry, mέta will strive to help progressive movements break with a dismal present to imagine the world anew – to grasp…
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DiEM25’s Activist Circle on November 6

October 13, 2021

Send us photos and videos of climate issues that you are facing in your local area and be part of DiEM25’s Activist Circle on November 6! As our planet’s clock approaches midnight, world leaders are set to converge in Glasgow next month at COP26 in order to come up with new excuses, new symbolic targets…
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Why are you so afraid of Julian Assange?

July 6, 2021

To mark the 50th birthday of Julian Assange, and to support all those who, like him, have had their lives compromised for defending the truth, DiEM25 members have taken to the streets in front of UK and U.S embassies in several European cities. DiEMers from across Europe protested with masks, held artworks from the “Raise…
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Julian Assange Campaign: Raise your voice for Assange!

March 16, 2021

Davide Dormino©Lucas Tiefenthaler DiEM Voice’s first campaign is focused on DiEM25’s Advisory Panel member Julian Assange. In response to the urgent need for his release and until he is granted freedom, it is vital that we as artists in DiEM25 show our support! After the ongoing court case to extradite Julian Assange to the United…
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