Feature your artwork in Your Voice Gallery!

DiEM Voice are committed to providing an accessible platform for progressive artists to have their say, raise awareness of DiEM25’s goals, and therefore be part of DiEM25‘s mission to make radical social and political change.

We regularly receive interest from artists wishing to support DiEM25 through their artwork, so we wanted to create a space for this work to be shown!

We are delighted to announce that we are opening the gallery of our website to all of you! Regardless whether you are a DIEM25 member or not, we would love to hear from you and to see your artworks featured on our gallery at voice.diem25.org/gallery

In the Your Voice Gallery, we will feature artworks that have a connection to politics, whether this connection is expressed by the artwork itself or through your own political stance.

Please fill in the form HERE!

Please also note that we are the arts and culture platform of DIEM25 – Democracy in Europe Movement 2025, and that we will only accept artworks that are in line with DIEM25 principles and code of conduct.

Terms and Conditions

  • Submissions will be reviewed to ensure that they are in line with DiEM25’s principles. If work is presented in low quality this may make your submission ineligible.

  • If your work is selected, you will be contacted by DiEM Voice to accept terms and conditions, regarding copyright and possible uses of your work by DiEM25.

  • DiEM Voice reserves the right not to publish works that are not related or that go against DiEM25’s political values. Please observe DiEM25’s code of conduct.

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