J. Assange, 2010.  After having world governments trying  stop WikiLeaks information being released, I  set out to  paint an image of Julian and to include the mirrored web sites from around the world.

A. Weiwei, 2011. Ai Weiwei became an out spoked critic of the Chinese Government, revealing truths through his art work he “disappeared” via  his government, he became an iconic and a world wide supported artist.



Four international heroes of truth (among other whom I have yet to paint).  I have been living  in Boston MA. Working as an Art Therapist, watching the politics stretch and contract regarding the use of the internet  as a tool for social awareness and change, and holding governments and institutions accountable for their actions. As one of the major free speech cases facing our time. It would be an honor to have these paintings included in this exhibition.


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