An identity deluded into its own existence because of the truth. The visual aspect of the video is taken from the WikiLeaks video ”Collateral Murder”. The raw material for the acoustic part of this work is interviews taken from people who regularly come to Julian Assange’s vigil in Berlin.

The respective heartbeats of the interviewee are also recorded during the interview. The interviews and heartbeats thus run acoustically parallel to each other and thus support the juxtaposition of these two levels of consciousness. It’s about gaining insights into the impressions and feelings of each person. As they face Julian Assange’s relentless years-long struggle to enlighten our time, because it is not only with the knowledge that we have been enriched by the WikiLeaks publications that these ice-cold facts, bearing nothing but pure truth, also trigger strong emotions and shake us all at its deepest core.

WikiLeaks forces us to stare into the blunt truth, and thus into ourselves. Is it not inevitable that the beginning of the official narrative of the last 50 years is moving towards the dawn of our own identity? Now that we have regained the power of self-knowledge, we find ourselves back on the low ground of experience. Once again, we have become the subject of our own judgment.


My name is Maria Coral Franz Monroy and I am in the 5th semester Faculty of Free Visual Arts at the University of the Arts in Berlin.

Knowledge is power! It was only through WikiLeaks that I really understood what that meant. That is why it is a great inner need for me to deal artistically with this importance of the struggle for the flow of information in the 21st century. The use of the Internet has long since reached all important nodes of society/culture. Coexistence is strongly shaped and also shapes the development of democracy in the age of digitalization.

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