From the sinking spume of lawn cartels

From the sinking spume of lawn cartels

A river of grass fills with eels

The feudal morals of eels slake guilt drenched

cells, prisons of grass infested caves,

cravings slide up inside the mucousy mind

of the journalistic tongue, awnless brome

decays in a mange of eels as they go for Assange

sphagnum cough of root-ridden curls expunged in the

grasses upon grasses in fields – we will witness –

We will witness as you unwind your

excoriating skein of demon skin

Keep your hands off of him.



Ferral Willcox is a U.S. born poet and musician currently living in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Her work has appeared in Per Contra, Rogue Agent, SWWIM, Peacock Journal and elsewhere. She was a featured poetry performer at the Philadelphia Fringe Festival and is a regular contributor to the Plath Poetry Project.


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