Homage To All The Fallen Horses In The Wars Of Men


I did this while living in the quarries of marble on mt Altissimo (where Michelangelo found his marble for the Pieta of San Pietro), it is as much wild goat as archaic horse. Feeling light from the influence of experiencing clouds coming and going, being in and out, continuously changing light and even temperature, as well as the beauty power respect, but also violence of the quarry excavation process.

 Early on, the area where the right front leg should have been, too much material broke away, I was devastated because I knew what I wanted to do and had a relatively clear image. Three standing points was a sculptural element. After about a half hour I felt it could be an homage to the innocent animals…

Of course this includes innocent human beings suffering the consequences of war, initiated and carried out for the interest of a few. This I feel is related significantly to Julian Assange case and handling.



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