You must have come in

with intent, unswerving

commitment, like the bees

always homing in to the hive

straight flight path to

the truth


I do not see you frown

or ever contort your face

your answer always level

to the questions of the


‘Monotony is never easy

for people’ you say, so you take

each day, isolated as you are

as it comes

I see no anger, no self pity

What patience, perseverance

and courage grows out of

this solitary suffering, invisibly, in the

white equanimity

that you wear around you?

But it shines somehow

it does shine.

Did you weave it into

your destiny before birth

on your way here

to end up imprisoned

living with those

whose traumas broke out

unstoppable, violent?

Is it breakthrough

not this outbreak of untruths that you intended?

We in our daily recipe of lies

we watch in hope.

Is your intent so strong

it will end in peace?

Can we carry peace

here where panic broke out

flooding our world  with

unlooked for questions

while we too are isolated, fearful

in our tiny cages of self?

“and the truth shall set you free’



The poem came as an inspiration about Julian on a soul level and how much his situation awakens us to the need for inner peace, which I do hope he is able to find somehow. How else has he been able to cope and survive despite the cruelty?


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