‘’Living in democracy’’, for Julian Assange

“We live in Democracy”

The common lie of a political aristocracy

“Vote for a better future!” they say

So as happy and ignorant you will remain

“America respected around the wolrd again!”

Execution, jail for the objectors then

“Kids dead in Iraq” children cried

“Shame on terrorist J.A.!” Big Brother replied

Propaganda and war

are not what I want!

Peace and truth are what I demand!

For you criminal interests I don’t give a damn!

Addicted to the products you buy

You let truth-tellers to die

Remaining inert you think you’ll escape?

Then, your own enslavement is not far away

Or just you are afraid of the truth again?

You’re their perfect victim then

Take responsibility, try to change, demand

Or the objectors’ blood will be on your hand!



The main purpose of this work is to present two common kinds of behaviour: the behaviour of the politicians and the public’s reaction to the encroachment of their rights. The first one, describes the seductive promises of the political parties in order to attract the public opinion-trust and thus to fulfill their immoral interests. Specifically, the phrase “America respected around the world again!” is taken from Joe Biden’s first speech after his election (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Q78XXkhx0o 3:35 ), while the phrase “shame on Terrorist J.A.” refers once more to Joe Biden who in 2010 called Julian Assange a high-tech terrorist (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nF8WRFw5sHQ ). The phrase “Big Brother” has two meanings too: it refers both to the big brother who tries to “protect” his siblings from a terrorist and to Big Brother’s character in G. Orwell’s book 1984.

The second kind of behaviour, refers to the inert and passive voters-citizens, who trapped in the overconsumption and their fear, permit the injustice to conquer our lives. As a result, by remaining indifferent, or just in silence, they also become responsible for the oppression of justice and democracy.


Bio: I am 16 years old high school student from Greece. I decided to participate in DiEM25’s campaign for Julian Assange, because I believe that everyone with creative ideas can contribute to raise awareness and to sensitize the public opinion on such important matters.


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