my sentiments


The artwork is from the My Sentiments series. The series comes from a phase in which I was very busy with fresco painting and experimenting with natural colour pigments and plaster. Also inspired by the idea that this type of painting extends from Périgordien to modern times. In addition to the same emotions that we share with prehistoric people I found spontaneously that it expresses exactly the right feelings to be a clear voice for Assange, as well for the collective feelings of not being indifferent to injustice.



The in Berlin born german artist, who received the international art award, Duc de Richelieu –Diamond“ 2016, Ukraine, found her living and working place 2008 in Hamburg. Her passion for painting manifested during the childhood and has always focused on the human being. A preference to liquid colours and their dynamic quality, brought by the functional interaction of eyes and haptic perception to a form, is recognisable in the artworks, which have participated in former national and international exhibitions.


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