Osna Faoisimh (free the sigh of relief) for Julian Assange and Loujain Al-Hathloul


In the late 1500´s England declared the Irish Gaelic chieftain, Brian na Múrtha Ó Ruairc to be an outlaw for attempting to protect his lands at Breifní Uí Ruairc, during the later period of the Tudor conquest of Ireland. Many centuries later Julian Assange published so called sensitive material exposing war crimes and in effect was also declared an outlaw.

In 1590, Ó Ruairc sought asylum in Gaelic speaking Scotland, Assange in the Ecuadorian Embassy. Corruption led to Ó Ruairc being handed over to the English, becoming the first individual to be extradited into England from Scotland. Assange was handed up to British Crown forces in April 2019 Ó Ruairc was thrown into harsh conditions in the tower of London and Assange into Belmarsh Prison. Ó Ruairc was tried for treason, in a language that he did not speak (English). At that time, English law had no clear provision for treason committed in Ireland against the British Crown as it wasn’t yet fully part of the fledgling empire but they wished to make an example of him. Ó Ruairc requested a week to review the evidence and good council but these were denied to him. Some time after his court case, in early November 1591, Ó Ruairc was taken from his cell, first hanged, then before his death, was disemboweled and beheaded. His skull was later hung on a spire near London Bridge as a warning to all.

It looks like that Assange is not in a dissimilar situation. Though not an American citizen, the all powerful USA administration will get its way much like the British Crown did back several centuries ago, in the case of Brian na Múrtha Ó Ruairc. It’s time for England to snap out of its centuries long funk, obey its own laws and free Julian Assange now.

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