Why do we want them?

I’ll tell you why.

They are the root of a fair, caring, and equal society.

There is still decency out there,

We just have to sharpen our search.

There is always someone who is willing to fight for those values,

Someone who seeks to expose the inherent truth of the system

And show us how to escape its dark vortex, 

Who sucks everything in,

Until nothing remains.


That system has many names

Around the globe,

But none of them

Gives a damn about you.

Though they give you the illusion of choice through democracy in politics,

It turns out,

There is no democracy in economics.

Those decisions, 

Which affect everyone,

Are simply relegated to the oligarchies

Which stretch their tentacles in every direction,

Involving everyone in a poisonous embrace.

They will ensure that the tentacles continue to tighten,

And the vast majority will do anything 

To break free,

Neglecting the natural reaction of the tentacles’ grip

Upon attempted release.

Such an effect will echo through all our bones and our souls,

But even so 

After a while,

The octopus will feel tired from all the squeezing.

And then,

We’ll have our chance

To cut off its tentacles,

And drive away from the vile predator

That keeps us in deep water,

When the surface is already there.


Perhaps one day we’ll find the strength to strike down the octopus

And collectively we may see the sunshine again.



A poem  to think about our everyday struggles against a broken system. A system that allows injustices like the imprisonment of Julian Assange. 



My name is Ricardo Pacheco, I’m 29 years old and Portugal has been the country I lived my whole life. I’m glad I’ve found Diem25 last year. This movement’s goals and mission, are something that I totally identify myself with. I learned a lot from the content posted on youtube, social media and so on. I truly want to learn more every day, be conscious about the best practices for our future, and try as much as I can, to be an active voice in my own way, inspiring others to see what I saw in this movement.

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