standing at the crossroads [black & white hand of ancient ulster]


I’m Irish so I can offer a local ulster reference, a symbol of the O’Niell, the last anarcho-oligarchs of Brehon Ireland,  which I am of, and adopted by loyalist paramiltaries and the state broadcaster. Much the same way as the term anarchy got propagandised.



Seamus Harahan was born 1968
He grew up in London, and east Tyrone from 1979.
His practice is video, installation, film, sound based.
He work is distrubuted by LUX
He is an ex-director of Catalyst Arts Belfast
He represented Northern Ireland in the 51st Venice Biennale in 2005
He was artist in residence at Centre Culturel Irlandais, Paris in 2015
He was a recipient of a Paul Hamlyn Foundation Award for Artists in 2009

He received the Film London Jarman Award in 2015

He lives and in east Tyrone on benefits.


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