the trial


An oil painting (on canvas) which I’d like to give the title: “The Trial”, after Franz Kafka’s novel. Because with the Assange case we find ourselves in a similar situation here. In fact, all the paintings that I make are based on Kafka. Even tough not all the work is a literal representation (It can be a landscape, a portrait, … as well) like this one. What’s most important is that they cry out the blues. Where Kafka pointed out the absurd, DiEM came up with a vision. ‘Hope, but without optimism’, as Srecko Horvat likes to say. It’s exactly this that my paintings need to express. I’m always looking for different kind of ways to translate the vision into a work.



I’m an art student at the academy of Ghent but I live in Antwerp. A few months ago I joined DiEM25 as an active member and alongside a few others we put up the DSC Antwerp together. I’d like to help the movement wherever I can, but the most useful thing for me to do is visualising our story through art.


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